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Suits & Sport Coats


From the finest manufacturers and mills around the world, we bring you the best suits, sport coats, shirts and trousers in the market today– Empire, Samuelsohn, Jack Victor, Ballin, and Hagen to name a few.

Trending colors are still the steadfast charcoal or navy, as well as a fresh take on blue. Depending on the fabric, cut and style, prices range to meet a variety of budgets – from the Freshman Throw-Away Blazer, priced under $200, to made-to-measure suits around $,1500, and many price points in between.


There is nothing like a garment made to your exact measurements. We offer Made-to-Measure Suits and Coats from Empire, Samuelsohn, Jack Victor, and others, as well as custom shirts. Choose your own design or let us tailor the fit of your purchase. Our experts work with you and participating brands to customize your look.

To ensure your experience is tailored to your needs, give us a call to set your appointment.

Dress Shirts

The Locker Room carries a wide variety of dress shirts combining the finest fabrics with unparalleled construction and finishing including David Donahue, Hagen,  Gitman Brothers, and many others.


The Locker Room brings you hand-shaped and hand-sewn ties constructed from the finest fabrics and styled with exquisite color from houses such as J.Z. Richards, Robert Jensen, and R. Hanauer, among others. Choose from a wide variety or allow us make some suggestions.